Drop in, Mediation and Counseling Center for Somalis

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Visit us at Effingerstrasse 55 in Bern.
You are welcome!!

We Offer:
For Men and Women of Somalia:
• Translation services in writing and verbally
• Information on current asylum law changes
• Advice on the school system, leisure activities etc.
• Mediation of Swiss rules, values and their meaning, as well as advice
• Collaboration and mediation with and by professionals: such as isa, KKF OCA, Caritas etc.
• Integration assistance, family support in everyday life

For Men and Women of Switzerland:
• Teaching and clarifying the Somali culture, its values and differences.
• willingness to participate in their integration or information project

Profile of the project leader and experience for this work:
• Employment as a career at the Bäregg center, an asylum center for unaccompanied minor migrants UMA 80%
• CAS mediation and communication in the interreligious and intercultural context, BFH
• Migration specialist with Swiss Federal Certificate
• Experience as a refugee and asylum seeker in the year 99
• Family foundation, living in a bi-national marriage, father of 2 adolescent children
• Certificate for intercultural translator
• Certificate Sukses, integration companion
• Course certificate: integration competence at NCBI
• Course confirmation: Berner Gesundheit (Healthcare Bern) : Conflicts are part of life, good solutions too
• For more than 10 years diverse experience as an intercultural translator in the following areas; Health care, police, court, education counseling, schools, psychiatric services and integration agencies
• Family support: accompaniment of Somali children and their parents in everyday life;
• Family support: accompaniment of Somali children and their parents in everyday life; Conciliation of school and family, leisure activities, therapies etc.
• Cooperation project: flight and asylum for school classes on behalf of the Swiss refugee aid
• Cooperation project Berner Gesundheit: "strengthened father, healthy child"
• Instructor Project "Being a Father in Switzerland"

I am a very open and neutral person, not bound to any clan and therefore have relationships with the most diverse people of both cultures.


Effingerstrasse 55. Bern
Opening hours::
every Friday from 8.30am to 11.30am (except school holidays)
Tram Line 7 or 8, stop commercial association, 4th floor, door left
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